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I have an old PC with an ASUS P5K for running DragonFly BSD.

NOTE: This computer had been retired.


Apparently ASUS disabled AHCI due to licensing issues. I can't find any proof for this other than the AHCI option not being available in the BIOS.

Luckily someone modified the latest BIOS and made it available at The following steps worked for me:

  1. Download p5k-1201ahciA.rar.
  2. Extract the archive and rename p5k-1201ahci.rom to P5K-1201.ROM.
  3. Get a USB drive and create a small FAT32 partition on it.
  4. Copy P5K-1201.ROM to the drive.
  5. Boot target computer, enter the BIOS, insert USB drive.
  6. Go to the TOOLS tab then start EZ Flash 2.
  7. The ROM file should be someone on the detected drives.
  8. Run update, EZ Flash reboots computer.
  9. After reboot go to BIOS and set ACHI in the SATA configuration.